Vision and Mission

Victoria West Community Association Vision, Mission and Values


Victoria West community is a diverse, healthy and vital place to live, work and play.


The Victoria West Community Association is a not for profit organization whose mission is to engage residents in community stewardship, to impact decisions that affect the community, to raise awareness, to foster a sense of spirit and pride and to encourage participation in community issues, solutions, projects and events.

Victoria West Community Centre is the heart of the neighborhood, offering diverse and relevant activities for all. It is a place where neighbors meet, learn and volunteer. The Centre provides physical, intellectual, social and cultural services and programs that contribute to individual and community health and development.


Accountability: We are transparent and accountable to our community, funders and partners.
Inclusiveness: The purposes of the Society are to promote, support or undertake any activity that will enhance the quality of life in the Victoria West community and supports the diverse population of the community.
Sustainability: The social, environmental and economic health and vitality of the community is enhanced by VWCA activities and initiatives.
Service: The VWCA provides services to the community as an advocate for, and facilitate participation in, the discussion of community issues in the provision of community services and in sharing information.

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