Victoria West Community Association Committees

Land Use Committee

The VWCA Land Use Committee (LUC) is comprised of interested and engaged community residents who have a background in a variety of disciplines, including architecture, urban planning, and policy development.  The LUC brings together expertise directed at informing the neighbourhood planning process, while also leveraging its collective talent pool to facilitate dialogue between land use applicants, community residents, and the City of Victoria.  The LUC provides specific policy advice and recommendations on land use development and planning concerns while ensuring that established standards for community consultation and citizen engagement are being met.

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Community Centre Committee

The VWCA Community Centre Committee (Centre Committee) brings together people who share an interest in operational functions of the community centre. The primary purpose of the Centre Committee is to assist the VWCA Centre Coordinator in identifying and addressing policy issues that concern facility management, finance, and centre operations. As such, the committee’s area of focus includes business planning, procurement review, inventory management, and service delivery. The CCC also strives to provide the board with advice and guidelines for ensuring the effective operation and maintenance of the centre facility.

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Communications Committee

The VWCA Communications Committee (CC) is tasked with promoting general awareness of the VWCA and its associated programs, projects, and events.  The CC achieves its purposes by developing, implementing, evaluating, and monitoring strategies for information sharing between the board, association members, and the wider community.  In doing so, the CC routinely consults with its stakeholders to ensure information is accessible through a number of channels, including the VWCA website and social media networks.  The CC also works closely with the board to ensure that all messaging is consistent with established standards.

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Projects and Events

The VWCA Projects and Events Committee brings together members of the board, team leads, and local community proponents with the purpose of supporting the development and implementation of high-profile community projects. The committee achieves that purpose by working with the VWCA, community residents, the business community, and other volunteers to leverage opportunities for delivering projects and events that are directed at building a strong, resilient, and vibrant community. As such, the committee strives to build a collaborative spirit between the VWCA, local business, and other organizations in order to raise the profile of Victoria West.

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Executive Committee

The VWCA Executive Committee (EC) is tasked with providing executive leadership and ensuring the effective governance of the association.  The committee consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, and provides oversight over the budget development, performance monitoring, and strategic policy.  In doing so, the EC consults regularly with the board, respective VWCA committee directors, and the Centre Manager.  The EC also leads the development of the administrative framework necessary for delivering on areas of VWCA core business, including strategic and operational plans.

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Governance Committee

The VWCA Governance Committee (GC) is tasked with facilitating the development and implementation of effective governance processes, including VWCA bylaw revisions, committee terms of reference, and policy development guidelines. The GC also oversees the development of strategies for board development and succession. Members of the GC include persons with a keen interest in policy development, human resources management, and strategic operations. In delivering on its purposes, the GC works closely with the VWCA board and Executive Committee by providing recommendation on governance protocol and review.

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Harbour Committee

The VWCA Harbour Committee (HC) is comprised of local residents advocating on behalf of community interests on harbour-related issues, including harbour development, water transportation planning, and environmental stewardship. As a standing committee, the HC also represents Victoria West on the Victoria Esquimalt Harbour Society (VEHS). In delivering on its committee purposes, the HC maintains close contact with other agencies involved in harbour activities and management and provides recommendations to the board on actions relating specifically to harbour usage and associated resources.

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Nominating Committee

The VWCA Nominating Committee (NC) is established as an ad hoc committee for purposes of recruiting potential candidates and soliciting nominations for election to the VWCA Board of Directors. Members of the NC are typically sourced internally, from other VWCA committees, but may also include members at large interested in succession planning for the organization. The majority of the NC’s activities are purpose driven, directed exclusively at developing recruitment strategies and managing the nomination processes. Activities undertaken by the NC typically coincide with delivering candidates to VWCA annual general meeting, where nominees then stand for election

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Parks and Environment Committee

The VWCA Parks & Environment Committee (EC) is tasked with ensuring the VWCA and the community at large is aware of issues regarding parks and environment in Vic West. This includes working with the community, city staff, and officials towards appropriate solutions for neighbourhood environment concerns and providing recommendations to the board on any actions to be taken in regard to parks and environmental issues.

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Transportation Committee

The VWCA Transportation Committee (TC) is tasked with ensuring the VWCA and the community at large is aware of transportation issues. This includes working with the community, city staff, and officials towards appropriate solutions for neighbourhood transportation concerns and providing recommendations to the board on any actions to be taken in regard to transportation issues.

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The VWCA Finance Committee (FC) brings together members of the community with technical knowledge relating to financial and business administration. The FC is tasked with facilitating effective oversight of VWCA finances and purchasing. In doing so, the FC plays a critical role in consulting with the board, other committees, and the centre manager to provide recommendations on financial policy. Members of the FC place considerable emphasis on establishing operating and capital budgets, monitoring cash flow, financial reporting, managing payroll systems, and ensuring high standards of financial prudence on behalf of the association

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Human Resources (HR)

The VWCA Human Resources Committee (HRC) is tasked with ensuring the VWCA has relevant policies and procedures required to maintain compliance with employment-related legislation and that the Association follows best practices in human resource management and compensation. This includes providing the centre manager with advice on hiring, disciplining, and terminating contract and front end staff, as well as reviewing operational needs annually.

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