About the Victoria West Community Association

The VWCA is a non profit community group that promotes the interests of the residents of the Victoria West neighbourhood. This is accomplished mainly through the many hours of volunteer work by its membership, the community and funding support from the City of Victoria. Events like Vic West Fest, the annual corn roast and monthly meetings to discuss concerns of residents are just a few examples of community building.

Vic West Visions Map

Statement of Purposes

The purposes of the Society are to promote, facilitate, support or undertake any activity that will enhance the quality of life in the Victoria West community including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. to promote community awareness and pride, and encourage the participation of Victoria West residents in community projects, events, and the community association;
  2. to identify community needs and to consult with the appropriate municipal or other bodies to promote the development of services, programs, projects and events to meet the identified community needs;
  3. to raise awareness of and provide information on issues that affect the community and its future, and to provide a forum for community members to raise issues of potential concern to the community;
  4. to advocate for and facilitate participation by Victoria West residents with developers, government agencies and other bodies concerning neighbourhood plans, land use proposals, developments and public projects within Victoria West; and
  5. to plan, administer, operate and maintain the necessary organizational structures, facilities, and staff to achieve the purposes and functions of the association

The Vision

Victoria West is the fastest-growing neighbourhood in the city with development on every side and pressure for more. The fundamental questions that the 2003 Vision Project wanted to answer were:

How will our community change? and What do people want to see happen in the neighborhood?

The Visions Committee agreed the future is built on learning from the past and by creating an inventory of the present. So we decided to ask ourselves and our neighbours: what do I value most about my community and what is my vision for the future? What are the community’s historical and current assets? What projects are a priority and could our neighborhood undertake them together? Our overall goal for the Project was to develop a stronger sense of community, and to encourage more people to become involved in community activities. We wanted to increase the membership of the Community Association by bringing in new members of the community, and to identify several key projects that residents could work on together.

The Actions

The Victoria West Community Association will continue to support the initiatives from the Visions project and use the information for neighborhood planning. Some action projects have begun as independent “spin-offs”. These are: the Food Security Collective, the Community Gardens Project, Street Enhancement, School Enhancement and an Interactive Website We believe the Victoria West Vision and Action Projects have been a catalyst for envisioning a healthy, vibrant community and for taking the first steps toward the realization of that Vision.

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