Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors

Joshua Cain: President

Justine Semmens: Past President

Justine Semmens is a historian, research fellow, and teacher at the University of Victoria. In addition to her academic career, Justine brings strong skills as an archivist and heritage management professional. Justine and her husband have been residents of Vic West since 2008. She has family roots in the community, and has always felt a special connection to Vic West- where she has chosen to raise her family. Having been actively involved in the campaign to oppose proposed sewage treatment plant siting for Vic West in 2013, Justine remains committed to serving the community to which she feels so fortunate to belong.

Mike Medland: Treasurer

Mike has been a resident of Victoria West for the past 8 years and has been the association treasurer for the past 4 years and the Vice-President for the past year. Mike has also served on the Land Use Committee from 2007-2009 and on the Community Centre Committee since 2011. Other board experience includes serving as President of his strata corporation for the past 8 years. Mike is a professional accountant, and believes the community association needs the support of engaged citizens

Dar Purewall: Secretary

Dar is a member of the VWCA Board of Directors and currently responsible for Chairing the Communications Committee. His interest in volunteering with the community association stems from his interest in local government and community affairs. Dar has a keen interest in what goes on at the community and regional level. As a person with long history in Vic West, Dar continues to play a role in our community’s transition. He especially appreciates Vic West’s unique heritage, natural features, and social diversity.

Patti Parkhouse: Chair, Food Security Collective

VACANT: Governance Committee Chair

James Aitken: Chair, Land Use

Amanda Allan: Chair, Transportation Committee

Reinhard Trautmann: Director at large

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President: Joshua Cain

Past President: Justine Semmens

Secretary: Dar Purewall

Treasurer: Mike Medland

Chair, Land Use: James Aitken

Chair, Transporation: Amanda Allan 

Chair, Governance: Vacant

Chair, Food Security: Patti Parkhouse

Director at Large: Reinhard Trautmann

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