New Fitness Classes – Spring/Summer 2022

Body Blaster Bootcamp
Tuesday and Thursday @ 6:30am
Start your day bright and early with our newest fitness instructor, Spencer Brudenell! This is a 6 week bootcamp program, with classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30am.
Bootcamp classes will focus on the following:
Strength, Weight loss, Core, Conditioning, Flexibility and mobility.
Classes will be indoors and outdoors depending on the weather, and all fitness levels are welcome!
Price = $144 + tax 12 classes total
 Stroller Fit
Monday and Thursday @ 10:00am
Wednesday and Saturday @ 10:00am

Get moving with your baby! Our new Stroller Fit program is a full body workout, designed for parents with kids in tow! This class will be outside and welcomes any and all fitness levels!

Price = $144 + tax 12 classes total

Seniors Strength, Stretch & Balance
Wednesdays @ 3:00pm
Join our newest fitness instructor, Spencer, as he introduces you to his Strength, Stretch & Balance class for Seniors. In this class Spencer will focus on the following:
Functional Movements, Balance, Core Strength, Stretching, Mobility, Breathe work
Price + $72 + tax 6 classes total

Walk This Way – Guided Walking Group
Monday – Friday @ 11:30amCome out and enjoy a spirited walk with our newest fitness instructor Spencer Brudenell, that will put a smile on your face and work on your fitness. Spencer will guide you through the following:
⁃ warm up
⁃ 2.5km starting distance (working up to 4km)
⁃ Stretching and cool down

This is a weekly program where participants are welcome to join as many days a week as they would like. Price is $15 + tax, per week.
All equipment included / All fitness levels welcome

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