Drop-In Sports Code of Conduct

Please take a moment to read our drop-in sports code of conduct, also displayed in our gym.

Drop-In Sports Code of Conduct

In the effort to promote a safe, fun, and community-building environment at our community centre, we require that all participants of the drop-in sports programs abide by our code of conduct as stated below.

These programs are open to the diverse public of Victoria, requiring that participants, instructors, and staff each contribute to an inclusive environment. As such, behaviours that are discriminatory, exclusionary, or harassment, are strictly prohibited.

These programs are intended to promote healthy living, friendly competition, and cooperative play through team sports. In and out of play, all participants can monitor behaviour in relation to other players and the playing environment.  As such, unsportsmanlike and aggressive play, threats and intimidation, and physical violence are all prohibited.

All of our programs are opportunities for individual and community improvement. It is the responsibility of all participants to foster such opportunity, and act in a manner that will bring credit to yourself, the program, the centre, and the community at large.

Drop-in sports are self-managed, but Centre staff are here to provide support as needed. Participants who do not uphold the tenets outlined in our code of conduct will be removed from play.  Repeat offenders may be barred from the program.

Thank you for observing our code of conduct, and for your collaboration with the Victoria West Community Centre.

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