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At the 2014 Vic West Fest three local artists, Virginia, Olwyn and Jane, gave away envelopes that unfolded into blank MAPs of Craigflower Village. People were asked to make their MAP of the Village Place, using paint, fabric, poems, pens, photos, found objects, stories, crayons…

A display of MAPs is on the piano wall of the Spiral Cafe for June, maybe July… The MAPs are all about how people in the neighbourhood see the Village, what we do there, why we go, who we meet, what we treasure.

YOU could make a MAP of poems, photos, pictures, stories… Blank MAPs are available at the Centre and at the Spiral. Drop off your finished MAP in the box at the Centre and Virginia or Jane will add it to the display in the Village.

Here are some recently submitted Craigflower Village MAPs:

Vic West Placemakers Next Step: Planters

Placemaking is the process of building community by transforming public space into an engaging PLACE.

Vic West Placemakers became active in response to the City’s plans for improvements to Craigflower Road. We intend to enhance the sense of village and gathering place along Craigflower. We already have Banfield and Raynor Parks, perfect for community celebrations. The ‘Village’ has three community gardens, the Centre, friendly local businesses, and, after 8 years – a new crosswalk! Placemakers proposed more community projects, and designed the swirling sidewalks that the City installed on the Russell Street island and at the Village ‘plaza’ on Craigflower at Raynor.

Now we need some green on that sidewalk!

So the next steps will include planters for the Village ‘plaza’. Would you like to help make this happen? Please get in touch – we’ll be starting soon. Placemakers also proposed an ‘artful’ bike rack, banners for our future lamp posts, and some seating at the corner of Raynor and Craigflower – perhaps a cob bench? This will all happen when people get together to make it so.

To become a Vic West Placemaker, meet new neighbours and help make any of these projects happen, please email Jane at

Placemaking Vic West

Redraft of the Vic West Visions Map
We are REVISING our Victoria West Visions MAP!

So far we’ve made close to 40 changes to our 2005 map, including new community gardens, art, and placemaking sites, the school raingarden and other water recycling, wind and solar power sites, a new bus route and bike lanes, new dog runs, and our new Victoria West Community Centre.

Simulation videos of the new “plaza”, Craigflower Village.

Placemaking Update March 9, 2012

Our Placemaking Proposal was presented on February 28 at the monthly VWCA meeting. It was endorsed by the board and forwarded to the City. It seems most of our Placemaking recommendations specifically related to the City’s current Craigflower Road Improvements will be implemented. Hooray!

The flowing sidewalk for Russell Island was just finished today.

In the next few weeks the treed median will be constructed on Skinner Street, between Mary and Russell. Then, probably in April, the construction for the ‘plaza’ in front of the businesses at Craigflower and Raynor will begin.

There are many more Placemaking projects, so have some fun perusing the list in the Placemaking Proposal. Choose something you would like to help make happen. There will be more Placemaking workshops soon. Contact janebaigent(at)gmail(dot)com if you would like to get involved.

February 2012

Placemaking is the process of building community by transforming public space into an engaging Place.

Placemaking proposal Feb 2012
Placemaking Recommendations Feb 2012

Check out the video simulation of the craigflower plaza!

Russell Island construction March 2010

Placemaking workshop results from February 2012

Second placemaking workshop held in February

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