KATS Kids Tennis

KATS Kids Tennis




The Society For Kids At Tennis (KATS) provides tennis lessons, (and equipment) to families with a proven need for financial assistance. Please contact the Centre at (250)590-8922 for an application form.

This class is designed to teach fundamental strokes through progressive tennis; forehand, backhand, serve and volley along with hand-eye coordination and footwork. In this class you will also learn the rules of tennis, tennis etiquette, and how to keep score.

Program delivered by The Society for Kids at Tennis at 950 Kings Rd.

Kids Tennis 6-8 Years

55709      Wed    Jan 9-Mar 27         5:00-5:00pm       12/$12

55888      Wed    Apr 3-May 29        4:00-5:00pm        9/$12

55889      Wed    June 5-July 31       4:00-5:00pm         9/$12

55890      Wed    Aug 7-Sep 25          4:00-5:00pm         8/$12


Jr. Tennis 9-12 Years

55712        Fri             Jan 11-Mar 29           4:00-5:00pm        12/$12

55892       Wed          Apr 3-May 29            5:00-6:00pm         9/$12

55893       Wed          June 5-July 31           5:00-6:00pm         9/$12

55894       Wed          Aug 7  -Sep 25             5:00-6:00pm        8/$12

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